Meat and Meat Products Research Institute (IProCar)

IProCar is a University Research Institute for Meat and Meat Products, constituted by more than 50 researchers belonging to 8 different research groups and 6 University Departments.

IProCar Objetives

1- Enhance quality scientific-technical research in meat and meat products promoting the generation of a solid scientific base mainly through research competitive projects development being the research activity stimulated with collaborations between the different units and research groups of the Institute

2. Transference activity to the meat and meat products sector.

Provide services to the meat industries throughout the development of innovation activities on different topics of interest to the meat sector:

• Physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial analysis of raw materials and products.

• Obtaining new products and V range foods.

• Development of new formats and product presentations.

• Application of new technologies to raw materials and products.

• Obtaining new antioxidants from natural sources.

• Challenge test for safety assurance of food processing.

• Detection and control of mycotoxins and contaminants in foods.

• Selection of starter cultures and protective crops, and control of their implementation.

• Validation of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system in the meat industry


3. Development of post-graduate quality programs in meat and meat products

Offer post-graduate training specialized in meat science and technology:

·   Master in Meat Science and Technology

·  PhD Program in Food Science

·    Specialized post-graduates courses in food science and technology


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