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Scientific equipment

Scientific equipment

Scientific equipment*


-HPLC-light scattering (**)

-GC-MS and GC-Fid (**)

-GC-MS with sniffing


-Electronic Nose (E-Nose)


-Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

-Protein purification system by liquid chromatography (Äkta Purifier)

-DNA extraction equipment

-Spray-drying system

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment (MRI)**

-Real time PCR (qPCR)

-qPCR via 7*

-PCR Thermal Cyclers

-Work station for PCR y qPCR

-Hybridization Oven

-Nitrogen generator

-Pulsed field electrophoresis equipment

-Multi-well plate reader


-High voltage amplifier

-Function generator


-High performance camera

-Image analysis system

-Ultrasonic and high voltage Pulsed-Receiver

-Ultrasonic flow detector

-Ultrasonic probes of longitudinal, transverse and immersion waves

-Electroporator for cell transformation

-Double probe

-Calibration block with 5 steps of metric precision

-Camera for ripening in controlled conditions

-Cooling camera

-Laminar flow cabinet

(*) It is no included in this list devices such as centrifuges, homogenizers, microscopes, incubation stoves, orbital incubators, water baths, thermal block, precision scales, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, rotary evaporators, refrigerators, freezers, autoclaves, respirometer, electrophoretic systems for the separation of proteins and nucleic acids, water purification system and other basic laboratory material


(**)Equipment managed by the Innovation Products of Animal Origin Facility (SiPA) belonging to the Research Support Services of the UEx (SAIUEX).




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