The IACYS is created to meet the need of overcoming the limitations that arise from research conducted in individual research groups, facilitating collaboration among researchers from different disciplines, allowing access to infrastructure of scientific character and attracting researchers from different countries. In short, promoting quality research. The IACYS also was born with the aim of increasing cooperation with other units of r & d, both public and private, leading all to increase quality research.

In summary, the IACYS will have as objectives priority the following points:

-Coordination of multidisciplinary research in the field of the water through the integration of different areas of knowledge at regional, national and international level. More serious specifically:

1 develop a research scientist and new analytical methodologies to assess the impact of pollution in water, air, soil, and

biosphere and the effectiveness of them measures preventive and corrective that allow diagnose the situation current with regard to parameters of quality in the community as well as search remedies through solutions viable and sustainable. Are first innovative research focused on the search for new processes and procedures, both for Diagnostics and remediation, that improve the existing

2. promote and perform research, teaching specialized and advice in activities related with the development of tools technological and methodological that promote the conservation of soils and waters, the valorization of waste agro-industrial, as well as the sustainability of crops in environment Mediterranean semi-arid area

3 develop studies on change climate and its impact on the water as well as the effects of solar radiation on the medium water not to mention the phenomenon of precipitation.

4 use of tools in sustainable chemistry and Green Chemistry: to) use of natural products such as biodegradable and biocompatible; (b) replacement of polluting volatile solvents by others of low or no toxicity, including water and strong reactions; (c) non-conventional activation methodologies to minimize energy cost.

-Assistance and advice on related matters with superficial, waste and industrial water treatment.

-Development of technologies of last generation in the treatment and recycling of water.

Promotion in the transfer and dissemination of results. Advances in research transfer is considered fundamental and critical point for the creation of the IACYS. This last aspect is complement with an activity training where is contemplated the promotion of it education environmental, as well as the training technical related with the water, change climate and sustainability.

Serve as a means of transmission of knowledge. This goal is reflected in the form of specialized courses, postgraduate studies, seminars etc. Promote education and dissemination of chemistry and green engineering.

-Creation of platforms with other related organisations. The object is to promote collaborative networks and optimize resources


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